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"Joseph P. Bier couldn't wait to fight. Really, he couldn't. His first assignment took him to the Bangor Submarine Base, where he unhappily pulled security duty for a few years. He eventually got to go to Iraq as a machine gunner. He was very excited and anxious to finally fight alongside his fellow Marines. ""I thought, 'Finally, I get to do what Marines do,"" he said back then. ""It took me three years to get here, but I am glad to finally deploy."" Bier, 22, of Centralia, Wash., was killed Dec. 7 by an explosive in Ramadi. He was home-schooled and was assigned to Twentynine Palms. Bier had his own ideas on what life in Iraq would be like, and found them to be a little off when he actually stepped foot on the streets of Ramadi. ""I expected this place to be a little more hectic, to have more enemy contact,"" he told a newspaper. ""I'm a little disappointed, I think it's a little quiet. I expected more to happen here."" In a letter released to the media, his family wrote: ""Joe was a challenging child to raise because he was always trying to live to his potentials and occasionally beyond them.""

07/12/2012 Lcpl Mac A Ford Jr
I love you Bro. I promise i will never forger your sacrifice."

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