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"As a boy, Benjamin L. Colgan marched with his parents in peace rallies. Joseph and Pat Colgan, whose activism dates from the Vietnam War, were surprised when their son enlisted in the Army but continued to support him, even as they opposed the war in Iraq. ""That was hard, but you support your children,"" his mother said of his decision to enlist after graduation from high school in Des Moines, Wash., in 1991. 2nd Lt. Benjamin Colgan, 36, died Nov. 1 when a roadside bomb exploded as he responded to a rocket-propelled grenade attack in Baghdad. He was stationed in Giessen, Germany. Survivors include his wife, who is pregnant with their third child, and two young daughters. His mother says his death has only strengthened her position against the war. ""People keep asking, 'Are the Iraqis better off?' "" she said. ""What we have to start asking is 'Are we better off?' and we're not. We're losing our children.""

07/09/2011SSG Rodriguez, Juan m.
Hi Sir i cant find the words to explain what an HONOR it was to serve by your side, you will for ever be in my thoughts."

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