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Corporal Matthew J Emerson, born October 20, 1986. KIA Mosul, lraq September 18, 2007. Matthew was born and raised in Grandview, WA, where he participated in youth sports, including soccer, Grid Kids, and baseball. He also participated in AAU basketball and the Middle School wrestling team. While attending Grandview High School, Matt lettered in football (playing wide receiver and defensive back) and golf. ln his senior year, Matthew dropped the golf team in order to turn out for the track team, as he knew he would need to be in shape for Basic Training in July after graduation. Matt was a member of the Grandview Nazarene Church, and in addition to his sports also enjoyed fishing and helping out on the family farm, where we grew cherries, apples, and plums. At an early age, Matthew had a passion for all things Army and spent hours with his Gl Joes and simulating war games with his buddies. They even made a very entertaining movie for their H.S. history class, reenacting scenes from WWll. He will always be remembered by Grandview classmates as one who was dedicated to serving his country and by his Army comrades as a fine soldier.

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