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"For those of us who were lucky to have known Bryce, we all can look back and picture his smile and hear his laugh. A story shared by one of his Commander's is a good example of not only the great soldier he was, but the spirit that he leaves behind....

""During some down time, I found him “surveying” an existing road with several of his new Soldiers. I watched as he walked PFC Johnson and a couple others through the process, and I determined that survey work appeared to be absolutely boring. So I asked how everything worked. He was patient even with a brand-new company commander, and explained, very thoroughly, what they did, how they input the information into the computer, and how they translated everything into pounding stakes into the ground. I was a bit overwhelmed and made the comment, “wow, you have to be pretty damn smart to do this stuff.” SGT Howard paused, raised an eyebrow and said matter-of-factly, “No Sir, just smarter then you.”

Bryce was born on 3 December 1982 in Vancouver, Washington. He enlisted into the Army as a Technical Engineer Specialist in April 2001. He attended Basic Training and AIT at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. His first duty station was Camp Henry, Korea. In August 2003, he was assigned to Headquarters and Support Company, 864th ECB(H) in Fort Lewis, Washington. He deployed with the company to Afghanistan in March 2005 and February 2007.

His awards include the Bronze Star Medal, the Purple Heart, the Army Commendation Medal (w/1OLC), the Army Achievement Medal, the Army Good Conduct Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Afghanistan Campaign Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, the Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, the NCO Professional Development Ribbon, the Army Service Ribbon, the Overseas Service Ribbon, the NATO Medal, the Combat Action Badge and the Meritorious Unit Citation.

He is survived by his wife, Amber. His sons, Caleb and Ryen. His parents, Annette and Dean Howard. And his siblings, Casey Loveall and James Howard.

Bryce you will never be forgotten. The lessons you taught us, the laughs you shared with us, the memories you gave us..... will forever be in our hearts. Until we see you again.....

11/09/2013 Kathleen Cody
God bless you forever

27/05/2013 Jaime Krym
Thinking of SPC Howard this Memorial Day. I was part of a Guard platoon attached to Task Force Sword in Sharana, Afghanistan, in 2006. My job was force protection--escorting convoys to and from the job site, v.i.p. security, etc.--and since Bryce was Lt. Col. Paolozzi's gunner (or was it driver? The memory's fuzzy . . . ), I went on literally dozens of outside-the-wire missions with him. Very squared-away, professional individual with a wonderful sense of humor. He will always live on in my memories, along with the memories of all those he served with.

10/10/2012 SFC Santiago Galvan
Where to start,How to explain Bryce? Haha, He was an awesome friend. Yes always smiling and he would always have that grin. I remember Bryce, Nate, Garrett and I would hang out in high school and we would always mess with the hicks and jocks. Remember burgerville or the bowling ally? We would always find resolutions to our problems. I remember when we lived together in Ridgefield in that crappy house with Nate and chicken. I really miss those days, or when we lived in the apartments under Amber, and some dude’s he upset came looking for him haha. He was funny and we always had his back no matter what. But I will never forget when Bryce and Nate ""Tried"" to wrestle me down lol... Soon brother I’ll give you that rematch. Your name will live forever, and the story will be told of the Hero to all my kids, of their uncle Bryce, until it is my time to join you. Love and miss you bro. Santi

28/05/2012 Sam Hall
I was in middle and high school with Bryce and I could not be more proud to have known him!!! My remembrance of Bryce was obviously him being extremely genuine, very intelligent, and for his perfect ""caesar"" haircut. The last part was just one of those repeating memories that made me laugh. Bryce would come to school with ""the grin"" and you knew it was because of his perfect haircut. We're kids mind you, but Bryce sat me down to explain the Caesar cut. I think I got that haircut the next week. A lot has changed since those days, But one thing will never change, and that is Bryce will always be remembered as a hero. Thank you Bryce, a TRUE hero, and bless Bryce and his family.

16/02/2011 CPL Keith Raymond
Bryce, I love you man. You were a big brother to me. You taught me alot, respect, discipline, how to be a man. You made me into who I am today, I can only hope that who I have become is someone that you would be proud of. Almost 4 years later I still think about you every day. I don't know if I ever earned your love or respect as a fellow brother or comrade. But at the time all I wanted was your approval and acceptance. I know I probably did earn it near the end... but it is really hard to go through every day wondering. You were an amazing man and a great team leader. I love you Brother. Rest In Peace. And I will always remember you.

23/12/2010 Caleb Howard
I learned alot from my dad. I remember when we would watch football together. Our favorite team is and always be the Seattle Seahawks! I have this one picture of me when i was like 5 or 4 and i was wearing some of his army gear. Thank you dad! You will never be replaced of being my Hero and my loving, caring dad. :-)

12/02/2010 Amber Howard
Just out of curiosity.....who is ""yours truely?""

12/02/2010 Amber Howard
I love hearing you guys talk about Bryce. Me & his boys miss him so much everyday. I can't believe it has been 2 1/2 years....I can always picture his smile and make it feel like it was just yesterday he was trying to get out of something. LOL Thanks for sharing your memories everyone!

To Shaun Keeney -- if you are still in the area you can always visit Bryce at Willamette National Cemetery in Portland....also downtown Vancouver there is a remembrance wall that has his name etched into it.

I will always love you Bryce....

05/02/2010 Your's Truely
I woudl like to extend to Shaun Keeney, my most deepest condolense that you found out so late. There is a delightful memorial wall and plaques hung up in the Fort Lewis Museum. He is greatly remember.

20/12/2009 SPC Shaun Keeney 1-101 AVN
I just today learned that Bryce, (A guy I grew up next to for many years) Has passed away in 2007. I have not seen Bryce or any of his family since we were kids, Playing Football and Pretending to be Ninja Turtles for months on end. I knew a few years back that he was in the military and this is a very sad day for me as I remember him and the twinkle in his eye he always had. I want to give my thoughts and prayers to his family and wish them all the best.....

17/06/2009 Drew and Danelle Weist
There isn't a day tha goes by that I don't think of Bryce, he was one of of my best friends and soldiers. I talk about him to other Soldiers who have lost friends to help them understand and to help me as well. I have a picture of Bryce, Matt, Bob and myself next to my bed hanging on the wall just to remind me of his sacrifce and dedication to his wife, children, and his country! Bryce will never be forgotten! He payed the ultimate sacrife for this country and his legacy lives on with his children! Your Daddy was and still is a HERO! We love and miss you Bryce, we always will!!! In Loving Memory of Bryce D. Howard.... Father, Friend Soldier, Hero!!!

06/04/2009 Todd Washburn
You don't know! Our favorite thing to annoy each other by. Watching football and having a friendly rivalry between the Hawks and Rams. The gnarly grins when he was being him. I miss him, I miss the phone calls, the hiding out from work eating freeze pops watching movies. I miss the enthusiasm he had about his bike or his family. My friend, my brother, good Soldier, son, and above all a good father and husband. I miss you Bryce. Freeman and I left a beer for you I hope you can find the way to drink just one more. I wish there was a way that just once you could annoy me with the infamous ""you dont know"" phone call. Amber and kids are doin well man, and your son has your genes lol. He told me countless times for you that I dont know. Take it easy bro youre missed."

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