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"Kenneth Morrison, 73, said he taught his son, Lawrence, the importance of patriotism as a child: Salute the flag and stand at attention for the Pledge of Allegiance and national anthem. ""That boy was an All-American Boy,"" his father said. Lawrence Morrison, 45, of Yakima, Wash., was killed Sept. 19 in an explosion in Taji. He was based at Fort Bragg. Morrison attended Morehead State University and served in the Army between 1979 and 1995. Since 1996, he was a dockworker for the U.S. Postal Service. His son, Larry Morrison, an Army policeman, made a habit of calling his father after every parachute jump. Both had earned jump wings, but the son had gone through the door more times than his father. His father was trained in a variety of medical specialties, finishing out his service in charge of the base clinic at the Yakima Training Center. He graduated from Airborne and Air Assault schools. Kenneth Morrison wasn't surprised his son volunteered for his last mission. ""I'm sure his right arm was the first one up,"" his father said. He also is survived by his wife, Becky.

11/11/2012 Rita Morrison-Ballard
Larry, Here is Sunday night, and I am missing you like crazy, I so wish I could talk and laugh with you. I love you too much.

02/04/2012 Rita morrison-Pendygraft
I thought of you on your Birthday, Larry I miss you so much.

27/05/2011 Brian K Crowder
My dear and life-long friend, I think of you often and remember the good times we had. I miss you & hope all is well with your family.

21/12/2010 Rita morrison-Pendygraft
I am thinking of you and I miss you so much, Merry Christmas

21/12/2010 Rita morrison-Pendygraft
I am thinking od you and i miss you so muc, Merry Christmas

24/09/2009 Lawrence Morrison II
I love and miss you dad!!!"

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