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Chris was born in Olympia, WA on March 27 1985. As a youth he attended schools in the
North Thourston School District and played football, soccer, and baseball. After is freshman
year at North Thourston School, he transfered to Rochester High Schoolwere he
graduated in 2003. Chris met the love of his life while at Rochester, Angela Marquez and
they married on February 11th 2006. Chris joined the Army shortly after graduating
from High School and attended basic training at Ft. Benning in Columbus GA. After basic
he was assigned to an infantry unit at Ft. Stewart also located in GA. Chris deployed on his
first tour of duty in January of 2005 and returned home in January of 2006. Chris and
Angela got married and off the newlyweds went to start their lives together in GA. Chris
transfered to Ft. Lewis in June of 2007 , so him and Angela could be closer to family. Chris
was assigned to a unit in the 4th Brigade at Ft. Lewis which was already deployed in lraq.
Chris trained for two months at Ft. Lewis and then deployed on August 10,2007 to lraq to
join the rest of the Brigade. On November 18th 2007, Chris and two other members of his
unit were killed by a suicide bomber in Baqouba, lraq. We are very proud of Chris for his
service to our country and our family misses him greatly

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