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"His mother, Maggie Nixon, told his former hometown newspaper, The Community Current, that he was the only casualty. ""He alerted his squad of nine men of the danger and no one else was hurt."" Dan Harwood, of nearby St. John, considered Nixon to be a second son after watching him grow up as the best friend of his own son Randy. ""One thing that everyone needs to know about Travis, he firmly believed in our country and he believed in what he was doing in Afghanistan."" ""One of the things that was real evident, and this came from his mom, was that he wanted to be able to help the people of Afghanistan to be free, to be independent, and to not be bullied,"" Harwood said

22/11/2009 former staff sgt gusman
travis was a great friend we were room mates be for we deployed too afghanistan i was at his wedding to wendy he truly is missed like now and always his is my friend"

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