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"Glenn Watkins was scheduled to return home from Iraq, but signed up for another six months so he could hook up with his Army buddies from a unit in California. ""He was thrilled,"" said his wife, Anne Watkins. ""He said, 'I'm back with my boys.'"" Watkins, 42, who listed his hometown as Carlsbad, Calif., was killed April 5 when an explosive detonated near his vehicle in Baghdad. The guardsman was based in Kent, Wash., and lived with his family in Tacoma. Watkins was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and worked as a construction worker and carpenter. He joined the Navy in August 1981 and later did stints with the Navy Reserve, active duty Army between and California and Washington National Guard units. He married his wife 10½ years ago and had four stepchildren. Anne Watkins said her husband was a quiet guy who could crack her up with a prank, joke or general goofiness. ""He was so funny,"" she said. ""I remember once before we were married he came to my front door and yelled, 'Romeo, Romeo, it's me, Juliet.' I had to tell him he got it backwards.""

19/05/2013Courtney Nelson
Last night I carried Cpl. Glen Watkins banner in the Spokane torch light parade. It was such an honorable experience. Thank you for your service."

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